If you’re a dental hygienist looking for temporary opportunities in the bustling city or a dental clinic needing a skilled hygienist on short notice, you’re in luck. We’ve scoured the digital landscape to find the lowdown on temp agencies changing the game for dental professionals. So, put down your avocado toast, and let’s dive into the top temp agencies for dental hygienists in Toronto & GTA.

1. Hello Hunter Staff

Hello Hunter Staff is all about making connections. They’re like the ultimate matchmakers for job seekers and employers. Their goal is straightforward: to simplify and enhance the hiring and job-seeking process. 

Their team is a diverse blend of business strategists, event planners, marketing experts, renovation professionals, real estate specialists, and industry pros, which means they’ve got a wide network to connect you with the perfect dental job or candidate.

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2. WORKFORCE Dental Staffing Solutions

Step into the 21st century of dental staffing with WORKFORCE Dental Staffing Solutions. They specialize in providing both temporary and permanent dental professionals to your practice, often on short notice. They’re the experts in sourcing skilled hygienists, dental assistants, and front office staff, making them your go-to agency when you need immediate staffing solutions.

3. Dentech Direct

Dentech Direct is your go-to dental staffing and consulting solution for dental practices and labs across North America. They’ve now extended their services to include temporary placements, making them an even more valuable resource for clinics looking for skilled professionals on a temporary basis.

4. Tempify Dental Staffing Solution

Tempify isn’t just your typical dental temp agency. It’s a comprehensive dental staffing platform designed to create seamless connections between dental clinics and professionals. Whether you’re a dental clinic looking for temporary staff or a qualified dental hygienist, assistant, receptionist, or locum dentist seeking the perfect opportunity, Tempify has you covered. Their innovative approach aims to revolutionize your dental staffing experience.

5. Stellar Personnel

While Stellar Personnel is best known for its expertise in the hospitality industry, it also offers a diverse range of staffing solutions, including culinary staff, event staff, cleaning staff, and warehouse staff. So, if you’re a dental clinic looking for candidates with various skills, Stellar Personnel is worth exploring.

5. ARES Staffing Solutions

Founded in 1996, ARES Staffing Solutions is a well-established recruitment company with a rich history of working with hundreds of employers and job seekers across Canada and the United States. They have a strong reputation for providing reliable staffing solutions and can connect you with the right professionals for your needs.

6. TempStars

TempStars is the fastest-growing and most-loved dental temping and hiring service. They connect dental offices directly with the most professional and reliable local Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants for temping shifts, without the hassle of an agency. They serve multiple locations, including Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Boston, Chicago, Nashville, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. Their revolutionary Job Board simplifies the process of finding the best candidates for your dental office.

7. Staffmax Staffing & Recruiting

Staffmax Staffing & Recruiting is a professional staffing and recruiting agency that operates in Canada. They can help employers find temporary, contract, or permanent workers with the qualifications they need, which can save you both time and money in the hiring process. They also offer payrolling and HR consulting services, making your life even easier.

8. Team GLOBAL/M.S.M Group

Team GLOBAL/M.S.M Group specializes in job placement, particularly in part-time, full-time, contractual, and temporary employment within the general labor and skilled professional sectors. They have the expertise to help companies find the best-fit professionals for specific job positions, making them a valuable resource for employers and job seekers.

9. Pure Staffing Solutions Inc

Pure Staffing Solutions Inc. is Canada’s leading employment agency for swiftly sourcing top-level skilled-trades, engineering, and operations candidates. If you’re in search of highly qualified professionals for positions in these fields, they’ve got the connections and experience to help you.

10. Winters Technical Staffing 

Winters Technical Staffing is a well-respected and recognized recruitment agency in Toronto with over 45 years of experience. They offer various services, including temporary and permanent job placements, executive search, payroll assistance, and more. Whether you’re looking for welder jobs, automation positions, PLC programmer jobs, IT jobs, or a career in any field in Toronto, Winters Technical Staffing can assist you.

11. Capital Joblink

Capital Joblink partners with businesses to provide customized HR resource solutions for industrial and office staffing needs. They offer services for temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire employment, making them a versatile resource for businesses seeking staffing solutions.

Whether you’re a dental hygienist looking for your next gig or a dental clinic searching for the perfect addition to your team, these temp agencies have got you covered. Finding your next opportunity or your ideal candidate has never been easier, thanks to these game-changers in the dental staffing industry. Happy job hunting! 

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